Depression can easily end in suicide. Let’s realize that from the start for the purposes of this blog post. Since we’ve dihydrocodeine established that much, let’s never, ever underestimate depression again, whether it’s acute (short-term), chronic (on-going, long-term) or 5 minutes long. It is ALL potentially deadly if we aren’t aware of how depression can affect us, causing self-sabotage, self-loathing and hurting ourselves in any number of ways. We need to give depression the respect it deserves, in a manner of speaking. Here’s my point:

Talking to someone when you feel like you’re exhausted and depressed can quickly turn things around. Sure – you might not feel like talking to anyone, and that’s how you know that depression has a hold on you. To break through that hold of Adult ADHD and depression, you’ve got to go against your “comfort zone” of wallowing in self-pity and get the hell on the phone or over to somewhere you can be around people…you’ve got to see the damn pattern as it is – one that is hurting you, one that is NOT who you truly are, but a pattern of thinking that’s happening….thinking and feeling, that is.

Hey – sometimes it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, and even if it isn’t, it is NOT your fault!! Depression is never the person’s fault. Period.

What is in your control is what to do when you find yourself reeling into depression from whichever thinking/feeling got you there in the first place.

That IS in your control, and no one can “fix” it for you. You’ve got to take the first step and reach out to another human being to get through the funk you’re in. Sure – it may also “just pass” on its own, but why take that chance? If I did that, I’d be dead right now, instead of helping others to know they aren’t alone in mental health challenges through my story and online platform. You see? The very part that isn’t easy IS the most important – getting help!

Having experienced suicide, having committed myself to the hospital psych ward where my dead brother was (yes, the exact unit) a couple of years before me was heart-wrenching to say the least….haunting, in fact. Yet, I re-ignited my passion for helping others by participating in the groups they offered to the patients on the ward – I “woke up to being my usual inspired self” within 2 days, though I needed to be stable for longer than that before they’d release me, of course. 10 days later I was out.

Take it from me, my pain and my learned lessons that money simply can’t buy: You will ALWAYS be better than any depressed mood you’re in, as much as you might feel as successful and strong as a bug at the time (you know what I mean). Do NOT let those moods fool you – they are a lie! You deserve joy and happiness, but you also need to have the courage somewhere deep within to make it long-term in this life. I came from the bowels of inner hell and am now thriving in my own way. I do not compare myself to ANYONE else. I live life on my terms, in my way, and my mission is to inspire others going through your own inner hell at times in your life.

That means everything to me, damn it.

That and my family, of course. It’s very small, as my friend number is, but the number isn’t at all what truly matters. Who we become and the journey IS the entire reward. I finally see that now at the age of 38. Adult ADHD and depression are not to be underestimated. That said, you are truly stronger when you choose to be, one second at a time, asking for help.

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