The Advantage of Buying Separates for Newborns

A lot of blogs for new mothers will recommend that they buy one-piece newborn clothing as their baby clothing staples. This is typically onesies, and they are meant to be single-piece suits that are easy to put on and take off and are comfortable for the baby. Now, we do not want to say that parents should not be buying onesies for the newborns, but we want to point out the benefits of buying separates as well.

Tops and bottoms may be a little harder to change the baby out of and may require a bit more work, but they are very useful with newborns. New babies tend to make a mess of themselves often. They may get wet, have a leaky diaper, spit up or drop food on themselves when they are being fed. This can make their outfits get soiled and require that they need to be changed. If the parents went with a onesie, that means the entire outfit needs to be changed and a new onesie need to be put on.

If the parents were using separates, however, then they only need to change out either the top or the bottom- whichever part got messy. That takes a lot less work and allows the child to continue wearing at least some of the clothes that the parents picked out for them. They don’t have to give up their entire cute outfit just because of a little mess. This also means that there is less work for the parent to do, as it’s much easier to switch out just a top or a bottom than to change an entire onesie.

Wearing separates also makes diaper changing time much easier. One of the biggest disadvantages of the onesie is that it can be difficult to change diapers with it on. In many cases, the entire onesie needs to be taken off for a diaper change, and that’s terribly inconvenient with newborns, who need to be changed every couple of hours.

So, any parents who have started to shop for newborn clothing should take a moment and think about all this. Do they really want to only buy onesies and forgo the separates altogether? Probably not, and they can start looking for some high-quality separates at decent prices using resources like newborn clothing. Shopping for the clothes online gives them more time to look at what they want and choose from a wider selectin, which is why we recommend it for any new parents.

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